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Adams outlines "the steps in making a photograph" in a bit more detail as follows:

Need, or desire, to photograph. This attitude is obviously essential. Sometimes just going out with a camera can excite perceptive interest and the desire to work. An assignment—a purpose—can be the greatest stimulus for functional or creative work.

Discovery of the subject, or recognition of its essential aspects, will evoke the concept of the image. This leads to the exploration of the subject and the optimum point of view.

Visualization of the final picture is essential in whatever medium is used. The term “seeing” can be used for visualization, but the latter term is more precise in that it relates to the final picture—its scale, composition, tonal and textural values, etc. Just as a musician “hears” notes and chords in his mind’s eye, so can the trained photographer “see” certain values, textures, and arrangements in his mind’s eye.

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Sarah Huckebee in 2007

When asked about a recent AP story citing a 1992 questionnaire in which Huckabee seemed to advocate quarantining AIDS patients and called homosexuality a sin, Sarah nearly smiles. "I don’t think it hurts us right now." She knows that more than 40% of Republican caucus-goers in Iowa are Evangelical Christians and, in part, it’s thanks to their strong support that Huckabee is surging.

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What were you told to keep secret about a company you worked for, but you don’t work there anymore, so fuck those guys? : AskReddit

The first thing you do every day at PetSmart is dump the dead reptiles into the trash. We treated them as well as we could once they were in the store — given our fairly minimal resources — but they’re mistreated in transit and often die within a day of arriving at the store. We once reordered a chameleon three times because they kept dying. Everyone knew they were too delicate to transport, but head office wanted a chameleon in the store. Most employees aren’t aware of this, since management tries to sweep it under the rug, but I was the morning custodian.

The birds are also neurotic as hell due to sheer mind-numbing boredom, and the rodents bite because they’re unsocialized. Elderly hamsters get put in the back room, where they’ll never be purchased, because they make customers sad. At least in my experience, the employees genuinely try to take care of the animals, but it’s just not a good environment for them.

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Leave me alone. I’m trying to improve.

Use decent cleaning supplies. Trying to clean the bathtub with an old falling-apart sponge and all-purpose cleaner is a lot more time-consuming and frustrating than just using baking soda / Ajax and a fresh sponge. You’re way less likely to ever wipe down the counters if all your kitchen rags are in a mildewy pile under the sink. Use a Swiffer duster instead of just pushing the dust around with a rag. You get the idea.

For reducing clutter: go through your stuff, take things you feel like you don’t use often, and stick them in a big plastic bin. Put that bin somewhere out of the way, like in your garage or the back of a closet, and set a calendar event for a year from now. Once that year is up, donate anything that you never took out of the bin. If you didn’t need it in the past year, there’s no reason you should have it (with a few exceptions, e.g. fire extinguishers).

Clean in stages, not room-to-room, especially if you’re in a rush because company’s coming over or something. Start by walking through and throwing out anything that’s clearly trash, then worry about clearing off countertops/desks/etc, then vacuum, etc. It’s no good having sparkling-clean windows if there’s still muddy footprints on the floor when guests arrive.

Get a sink strainer and one of those suction-cup holders for your kitchen sponge. It’ll keep your sink from being constantly nasty and backed up, and your sponge won’t be sitting in moldy-food-water. Corollary: don’t use the sink disposal as a substitute trash can, that’s not what it’s for. It will break, and your kitchen will smell like rotting food.

If you haven’t cleaned in a while, your place probably smells funky. Yes, even if you don’t notice it, that’s probably just because you’re used to it. While you’re cleaning, open some windows and boil a pot of water with some spices in it (cinnamon sticks and some sort of citrus fruit is a good one) to get rid of the stank.

Put an open box of baking soda in your fridge. It’ll absorb any gross smells from old food, just remember to change it out whenever you clean out your fridge.

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On Joe Biden

So once the production people with mics sort of dispersed and the first audience member was asking her question, I, like, looked around until I spotted another production person holding a mic and basically communicated “I’mma need that mic” and she nodded at me and moved into position at the end of my row with it. (That was actually the scariest part for me — like, aggressively claiming a mic outside of the designated “now is when we raise our hands and ask to be called on” time. It felt impolite.)

So I got the mic and I stood up and said to Joe Biden, “My name’s Rachel Miller and my question is for the former vice president. In the context of changing the culture and women being brave enough to come forward [which he’d also said], I’m wondering if there’s anything that you would do differently with regards to Anita Hill if given the opportunity.”

And he said, “No.”


And then he said, “Let’s get something straight here.”

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“Divide this equally among your people.”

“I look at Trump and the billionaire oligarchs he surrounds himself with as addicts. I do believe they are addicted to wealth, and that wealth addiction is no different from crack addiction. It fills an empty void. They will sell their grandmothers. They’re literally selling our entire country’s health for more. I remember Garry Shandling saying in 2007 that when we put people in office who are addicted to money and power, we might as well be giving a bunch of cokeheads a mountain of cocaine and saying: ‘Divide this equally among your people.’ I see it proven true every day. And we’ve raised an entire generation to worship money at any cost, no matter how it’s made.”

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