Insurgency Checklist

1. Have communist-trained leaders been found in the country?
2. Is there evidence of clandestine subversive organizations in
the country?
3. Is there evidence or indication of a subversive organization
that is receiving external assistance?
4. Are there detectable efforts to create or increase unrest and
dissension among the people?
5. Is there propaganda against actual or proposed government
6. Are there active disinformation campaigns?
7. Is there agitation or resistance against efforts of the
government to resolve problems causing dissatisfaction?
8. Are there attempts to provoke restrictive measures from the
9. Are local officials being kidnapped or killed?
10. Is there evidence of small guerilla groups or guerilla action
on a small scale?

Source: Special Text ST 31-176 Counterinsurgency Planning Guide, EEI p. 53. Pub date-1963/1964