Protesters throw poo on Rhodes statue

As black students we are disgusted by the fact that this statue still stands here today as it is a symbol of white supremacy. How we can be living in a time of transformation when this statue still stands and our hall is named after (Leander Starr) Jameson, who was a brutal lieutenant under Rhodes,” said Maxwele.

Maxwele and his followers called for transformation of the university’s infrastructure, including the renaming of campus roads and buildings.

“This poo that we are throwing on the statue represents the shame of black people. By throwing it on the statue we are throwing our shame to whites’ affluence.

“As black students here we have to change our ways just to fit in, and we have to keep quiet for almost three years before we can speak in the classrooms. It is time for all of that to change.”


Where is Chumani Maxwele and what is he doing next? 

via Protesters throw poo on Rhodes statue – Western Cape | IOL News.

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