23 Email Sales Lines to Spur Action

Please let me know by [DATE + 3 DAYS] if you are ready to [XYZ].

What are the next steps on your end?

My CEO is riding me pretty hard in regards to our partnership. What should I tell him?

How does this sound to you?

Just to confirm your next action is [XYZ]?

Can we make some magic together?

What did you think of the [XYZ] I sent over?

Realize you are swamped…should I chat with someone else on your team?

Just to confirm your remaining action item is [XYZ]. Is that correct?

What will it take to get 25 minutes on your calendar next week?

Can you or someone on your team jump on a quick 14 minute call this week to explore?

Are you still interested in [XYZ]?

Sorry did I do something wrong or are you just super busy?

Does teaming up with us make ANY sense for [COMPANY]?

Whose name should I put on the paperwork?

Can we please get this baby done by this Thursday?

[NAME], what do you need from me to get this done?

Just to confirm we are waiting on [XYZ]?

All you need to do is [XYZ] and we are set. When can you get that done please?

Will this work for you?

What else do you need in order to make this work for you?

Will you please email me on [DATE + 3 DAYS] to confirm [XYZ]?

I will send you a calendar invite/reminder about finalizing that paperwork on [DATE + 3 DAYS]. Sound good?

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