“The Christian must now be a Marxist because and only because there is no longer any issue in the world but one, the issue of being for or against the revolution of the capitalist world.”

“Today it is the structures of the capitalist world which are the historical
obstacle to the very love, emancipation and community of
which that capitalist world also harbours the historical promise. In the
meantime, then, the Church itself, is not, as in that bourgeoisified post-Vatican
II ecumenical self-image it professes, a community : that is a
sociological, and anyway a theological, untruth. The Church can never
be a community under the conditions of capitalism, because what the
Church means by community it means by love, and what it means by
love is Christ. And under capitalism community is not possible because
love is not livable and thus Christ is not visible. ” –Can a Christian be a Marxist by Denys Turner