First thing one would do as president, take it from here….

Musician Will.I.Am (December 4, 2020)
“I would immediately have a discussion on zoning, that’s the first, first thing I would look at. Like, hey, wait a second, states, I think this is a recipe for disaster to have this type of zoning in urban communities where there’s liquor stores, next to check cashing, next to bad food, next to motels, next to schools that are next to strip clubs. This is a very bad cocktail. So, and if you look at that, you’ll see that wherever you have a school next to these things, a teacher is getting paid less than a prison guard where that kid’s going to probably end up – less than that correctional juvenile facility where that kid is going to end up. And I would make sure that one, privatized prisons would be done. … I would get funds from the Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy and the Department of Defense to create workforce development – second thing I would do. Third thing I would do is I would try my hardest to have a discussion across, across the aisle from Democrats and Republicans across all of America to have an open mind to legalizing a lot of what we call drugs, because that’s causing more problems than it is solving them. … And really, the war on drugs is really a war on folks that are trying to survive because the conditions of the community they lived in based on zoning. That’s why I started with zoning first.”

TV Host Ryan Seacrest (December 30, 2020)

“I would say Valentine’s Day should be a holiday. I would say we shouldn’t have to work on Valentine’s Day. I would say that we should not have to work on any other real holidays. Mine would be about the holidays that we have to work on we should take off. So that would be my platform.”