Gay man killed in San Bernardino massacre saved 4 people | The Pride L.A.

Ryan Reyes has a special message he wants to send:

“I speak for both Daniel and myself when I say that this attack should NOT encourage people to treat Muslims any differently than they would anyone else,” said Reyes.

“This tragedy was committed by a radical group.

We do not hold all Christians accountable for the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church, so why do we blame all Muslims for the actions of THEIR version of Westboro? It makes no sense.

The twisted actions and beliefs of a few should not be used to view the majority.

Muslims are just as loving and caring as anyone else. It made Daniel sick and continues to make me sick, that Americans refuse to drop this way of thinking.

Muslim people are just as desperate to capture the radical groups as anyone else.

By joining forces and working together through love and understanding, we can defeat those that perpetrate these acts.

My heart and sympathy goes out to all Muslims that are not members of these radical groups. I am sorry that, for whatever reason, people cannot seem to understand that the radical groups and terrorists do NOT speak for all Muslims.

Just know that I do not blame you for this and I love you as my brothers and sisters in humanity, just as Daniel would.”

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